Friday, May 17, 2013

I Put My Hands Up In The Air Sometimes

Friday has FINALLY arrived! Even though it seemed like Friday was far into the horizon it's back and as beautiful as ever! The weather has been awesome! In the 70-80's, sunny and full of clear skies! What a great week to come back from vacation! Now, if I could just win that lottery drawing that would be the icing on the cake!

Since it is Friday and all here are my high fives for Friday, a weekly link up with the beautiful Lauren.
1. Of my two week no spend challenge I have managed to make it through the first work week without stopping at Starbucks. More to come on the two week no spend challenge! Anyone who knows me knows that one week without Starbucks has never been done! This is quite an accomplishment for myself and for my bank account.
2. Water fun at daycare! Madison's daycare provider sends me the cutest pictures of the kids playing with Madison. Madison loves water activities and being outside. Receiving pictures at work like these put a smile on my face and get me through my day.
3. Wine and candles, two of my favorite things! This week I had a few glasses of wine while cooking dinner. It may or may not have taken over my Starbucks addiction. Whoopsie :)
4. My Birchbox has arrived! It included a lot of really great items! Post coming next week!
5. 90210 to my surprise ended Tuesday night. I hadn't seen any news of it or heard on the previews until I came back from vacation. It was a really great ending but I am still pretty sad about it. If they keep ending all of my favorite shows I will have nothing else to watch! Any new series you recommend or that I should get into that hasn't been on for years?
Well that's my week in a nutshell!
Happy Friday to you my friend :)


  1. Scandal. Revenge. Grey's Anatomy. Weeds. Mad Men. Breaking Bad. :)

    All on Netflix, if you have that.

  2. If you like teen dramas like (like me) 90210, you have to check out Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family! It is great! Already have a few seasons under their belt, and the new season is supposed to start in early June :)
    Other faves would be Hart of Dixie & Nashville :)

  3. haha love that ecard! Happy Friday!

  4. Omg... you have to watch Scandal, Hart of Dixie, Nashville, Grey's Anatomy, and True Blood's new season is coming soon!


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