Monday, May 20, 2013

AH The Heebie-Jeebies!!

It's a little easier to wake up on a Monday when the house is clean, the bills are paid and my mind is a rested.
Even though I didn't accomplish that much I did spend time with friends and family which means more to me than anything.
I did do a lot of blog reading, entered a few giveaways and met some new bloggy friends :)

The Good...The weather! Saturday started off a little drizzly and by the end of the day was 80 and full of sunshine.
Sunday the weather was 86 and full of sunshine. We took a long walk around Indy's downtown canal and soaked in the rays.

The Bad...(I apologize for the bad camera phone pic in advance) Madison wanted to play in the sprinkler after our long walk and to our surprise the water sprayer connected to the end of the hose was stuck on.
With no tools and no way of removing it I had to become mommy of the year while she decided to have her next meltdown, I mean we all know the world would have ended without a sprinkler? Right?
So I decided to fill the bathtub up with lukewarm water, throw some toys in and let her go (swim team pretend style). We played games and she laughed. She even pretended to "float".
Lucky me the idea worked and she wouldn't sit still long enough to get a clear picture taken.

The Ugly...Along with this beautiful weather we have something not so great, bugs. I don't mean tiny bugs I mean full fledge blood sucking bugs. Here we have Exhibit 1. Can you say gross! I hit him with a towel, he landed on the table and I scooped him into this candle jar and threw him outside. Blah. Heebie-Jeebies! Worst thing in the world, killing a bug!

How was the weather where you live?
Did you have anything happen to you this weekend that gave you the Heebie-Jeebies?
Grab a cup of coffee and make it a Marvelous Monday!
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  1. That bug is disgusting! I'm dreading the start of mosquito season, but so far they haven't really arrived yet!

  2. Yeah... bugs are everywhere . We've survived hundreds of Box Elder bugs in the house over the winter... now it's probably time for spiders, centipedes, and, eventually, mosquitoes! yay.


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