Saturday, May 25, 2013

Exciting News! (Birthday Giveaway!)

Exciting news!
One of my favorite bloggers Marquis at Simply Clarke is hosting a great birthday giveaway to celebrate her awesome day in June!
As a fellow blogger I had to share in the celebration!
Who doesn't love a little bloggy party?
Come celebrate with us and DON'T FORGET TO MENTION I SENT YOU :)
Here are the details if you would like to join in on the fun!

PRIZE: Amount of cash not confirmed yet - depending on how many sign up
1 link = $10 
2 links = $15 
3 links = $20
You may purchase a 5th or 6th additional link for $5/ea.

- Fill out this form
- Repost this post! (copy and paste into your own post)
- send payment to

Referral prize for the most referred blogger: Re-post this event and get other bloggers to mention you when signing up.

* Sign up period will close once we have reached the total prize amount.
*The total giveaway cash amount depends on how many bloggers sign up.

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