Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Bag Full Of Surprises!

So everyone seems to be subscribed to Birchbox or at least heard of it, right? Okay well here is something comparable if not better in my opinion, Ipsy's Glam Bag! I have been reviewing the bags for a few months now and they just keep getting better and better!
So let's see how wonderful the delivery was this month! The theme was Spring Fling!

For the longest time I wouldn’t use concealers due to my skin type, combination which is oily and dry, sounds fun huh? The concealers wouldn’t blend leaving my skin flaky and cakey looking. Since I’ve started using lotion as a base and then a primer on top it makes it much easier to manage the concealers I use. When Ipsy sent a pod of concealer from Yaby I was happy to try it out! I love new products especially when they help correct blemishes and even out my skin texture. Yaby’s concealer came in Buff which is exactly my skin color, they match all of the products so well based upon the profile you fill out when signing up. The concealer had a very creamy feel and was easy to apply. It is highly pigmented meaning it will last longer because you use less of it. I can see myself purchasing more of this in the future.

What girl doesn’t love a free bottle of nail polish? Just receiving this one hot item was worth the $10 I spent on this entire bag! Zoya Nail Polish came in Blu, a pastel shade fitting perfectly for spring and summer! I haven’t tried it yet so I can't say exactly how many coats it takes to achieve a long lasting look since I just had a wonderful manicure done for Mother’s Day. Ipsy usually comes through with good polishes so I can only assume this one delivers also.

Besides the nail polish, the St. Tropez One Night Glow cream is my favorite product in the glam bag. What is it used for? A one night bronzed glow for an event, date or girls night out! What’s even better is it is free from tanning agents so it’s transfer-resistant and washes off with soap and water! Most tanning creams leave you looking orange and streaky, this cream carries the gorgeous look you have been looking for! along with the 100 other lip glosses and balms I have in my purse here comes another, Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss. This pink shade adds a radiant pop of color to accent any outfit! Just another item to weigh down my Coach purse, but I'm okay with that :)

I loved that Ipsy includes hair product samples! Most hair products cost an arm and a leg if you want the best results so being able to try different products in a sample size works out perfectly. NuMe’s Finishing Serum adds shine and glow to your locks. The serum also tames fly-aways, static and frizz! With this serum our hair will begin to look like it came out of a hair commercial!

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow was the last item I found when opening my bag and it actually was Ipsy’s featured bonus item. It is a sparkly eyeshadow with an intense color and metallic look. I am a fan of these types of shadows but because I received Zodiac which is this green shade I don’t see myself wearing it much. I have yet to bounce out of my comfort zone of brown, gray and black shadows. If you are a fan of any color of eyeshadow and don’t mind the sparkle effect you will want to try this out!

Along with all of the wonderful items you see here each month Ipsy changes up the cosmetic bags as well! Being the bag lady that I am, I cannot resist another addition to my collection!

And that’s a wrap on this month’s Ipsy bag, see something you like and have more questions send me an email! Sign up here to start receiving these wonderful bags you won’t regret it!


  1. I took the plunge and joined Ipsy this morning!!

  2. I loved my Ipsy bag this month, but got a lip liner, not that great eye shadow! The bag rocked it!


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