Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Love, It's Everywhere!

In a world full of negativity it is easy for one to get down about things. Wednesdays, thanks to Jamie, gives us a day to find the things we love about life! What is it that you are passionate about? What makes you smile? What keeps you going? Coming back from a weeks vacation where everything was stress free and relaxing it can become very easy to fall prey to the negative aspects of life. This time I'm not letting it! I am linking up with Jamie to share what "I'm Loving Wednesday!"

I'm Loving...Looking like Little Red Riding Hood with Madison? Okay no we love selfies! I mean seriously we get goofy in front of the mirror, take a 100 takes and spend ten minutes laughing hysterically. I wouldn't trade those priceless moments for anything!

I'm Loving...homemade meals! I decided to run by the store and pick up a few things and bacon (I mean hello who doesn't love bacon) caught my eye and man was it yummy! A BLT was created and I topped it off with my most favorite fruit, strawberries!

I'm Loving...Influenster and their products they send to me to review! My new dish soap smells AMAZing and is gentle on my hands!

I'm Loving...the warm weather we have been having and the time I get to spend outside after work being a kid with Madison! We catch images like these and they make me smile daily. Living life is what it's all about!

I'm Loving...manicures and pedicures! Seriously a spa day is all I could ever ask for! Time for myself and time just being a girlie girl! Loved every minute of it!

I'm Loving...Coffee! I went on a two week no spend break unless it's a necessity and I have been CRAVING Starbucks like no other! Going from every day addicted to a clean cut in drive thru stops was heart wrenching but my bank account will thank me later. (Post coming soon!)

I'm Loving...that Madison's well visit to the doctor went great! She is growing good and is very healthy! What else could a mother ask for?

I'm also loving all of my readers! I have a ton of posts working and cannot wait to share my vacation! It is taking me a little longer to put it together because I want to give you the best possible recap of our stay in Myrtle Beach so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and keep smiling, you never know who's day you will brighten with just one glance!


  1. Now I am craving a BLT. :)

  2. She is too adorable!
    Nothing better then a fresh mani/pedi!

  3. she also have one lovely name. Madison sounds so romantic!


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