Monday, April 15, 2013

Will You Be The Change?

Today another horrific event took place in Boston. Another bombing, another killing another selfless act made by a coward(s). Anytime something like this takes place by heart is heavy and I am filled with sadness. Who could do such a thing? Who would want to hurt innocent people? Was it worth it? No. What does it gain you? Nothing. Not a thing. One terrible tragedy affects so many and still it keeps happening. Innocent people die. Cities are destroyed. Hearts are broken.

The United States Of America must work as a team to turn this world around or we ourselves will destroy it. The stupidity and lack of judgment will one day crumble everything we have worked so hard for. We must put our love and happiness in fixing what is broken. Be kind. Show respect. Love one another. Come together as one. Stop the judgment. Step forward and help as many as we can.

The selfless people who ran towards the bombing and towards the injured shows that there are still people out there willing to put up a fight, to help one another and to do whatever it takes to save another life. So many people out there have so much good inside. Why not use it? Use it to lend a hand to someone in need. Maybe the person who is thinking about committing the next act of violence is sitting right next to you. Would you know it? Have you ever said hello to them? Do you know them?

One small act of kindness can change the world, change a person and save a life if not many.
What will you do to make a change?
Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims of 4/15/13.

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