Friday, April 26, 2013

Celebration Week: H54F

My favorite day of the work week is back! This has been a fabulous, fantastic, awesome great week to say the least! It's my birthday week and with Madison's birthday celebration on Sunday I have a lot to be excited for! I have received a lot of great presents and surprises and I am ever so grateful to the people who made this happen, you know who you are! I'm linking up with Lauren to bring you my High Five For Friday! Let's go!
1. Dinner and shopping with my mom was a blast! We ate at Johnny Carino's and polished off these two lovely drinks and then ate about 3000 worth of calories in salads, bread and my delicious dish, baked cheese tortellini! We shopped till we dropped and scored some major deals on clothes! I swear if we could have been on the TV show supermarket sweep we would have taken home the big bucks!
2. Having Madison help me open my gifts was the cutest thing! She gets SO excited over opening presents and showing me what she has kept a secret!.

3. My co-workers surprised me and bought donuts and cookies! What a wonderful surprise to know how loved and cared about you are!
4. The countdown has really began for our vacation! Only a few short days away and my toes will be planted in the sand!
5. It looks like the weather might just be nice enough on Sunday for Madison’s party! I am thinking the 20% chance of rain just might hold off for us?!?!? Wishful thinking I guess! Either way, she will have a blast and that’s all that matters!

Are you celebrating anything this week? Anything you are looking forward to this weekend?
What’s making you smile on this wonderful day?

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  1. Those are some pretty drinks!

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