Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Target, Victoria's Secret & Johnny Carino's Oh My!

Hey you! Thanks for stopping by again! I appreciate you and love to hear your comments and thoughts so please leave me one, they make my day!

Along with loving you, I am also loving all of these wonderful things!

I'm Loving...Johnny Carino's! My mom and I celebrated my birthday a few days early with some great food and drinks (more to come Friday) and this delicious bread with their special olive oil dip!

I'm Loving...The fact that Madison steals my cell phone and takes random selfies of herself. This was her latest one that I didn't find until a day later. She must have been REALLY mad at me for something. (She has had a rough week with the bedtime routine so she might be seeing me as the enemy right about now). Such a tough little life she has :)
I'm Loving...Target! I mean who doesn't? I love when you aren't even looking for a deal and one pops up right in front of you! A bathing suit for $17! Score!

I'm Loving...Victoria's Secret new body mist "Fabulous".  I don't like overpowering perfumes so I tend to stick with the body mists and this one is a winner! It smells delicious and with a gift card that I previously had I was able to score a full size bottle! I am looking forward to smelling this scent every day!

I'm Loving...My new jewelry from Old Navy! Who would of thought Old Navy would now sell cute accessories besides flip flops and hand bags! Of course I am obsessed with anything black so it came at no surprise that I purchased these two little pieces of cuteness! You can't tell from the picture but the earrings are actually in knot shapes!

I'm Loving...My mom. As usual. It comes to no surprise that she is my bff. I can always count on her to cheer me up, guide me in the right direction and to lend a helping hand at any given point. We have spent a lot of time together in the last couple of days and I am enjoying it.

I'm Loving...that tomorrow my birthday is tomorrow and I may or may not be doing a dance quite similar to this one! Who's down to party/dance/celebrate with me?

I have a ton of Pinterest items to share but that will have to wait for another rainy day!
I mean we all know how much we are all addicted to Pinterest! I have pinned a lot of great DIY projects and fashionista pins as well!
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Happy Hump Day!


  1. Happy early birthday! That olive oil dipping oil looks so, so tasty. Yum

  2. I love olive oil with my bread and that kind looks so good. I would def be so full before my dinner if I ate that! Happy early birthday!!!! :)

  3. Glad you are enjoying time with your mom! Happy Birthday, a day early!

  4. Well happy early birthday! That swim suit is cute, who can resist a sale?! I love that photo of all 3 of you, you have the same eyes and smiles!


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