Monday, April 8, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

Back to the daily grind it is!
Mondays are a challenge for me in many ways.
The re-occurring questions run through my head as soon as my feet hit the floor.

What to wear? What to pack for lunch? What will Madison wear? How will I fix her hair? Will work be busy? What are my dinner and evening plans? And the list goes on and on. Do you find yourself doing this? Making a mental list in the am to plan out your day?
One thing at the top of this list is sharing with you my weekend shenanigans and the good, bad and ugly of how it all went down!
The great, good and best news of the weekend started on Friday when I was allowed to leave work an hour early. I still fear that this may or may have made some co-workers upset but I rarely ever and I mean ever get to do this so I took full advantage. It was unpaid time off but with no work left to be done and a laundry long to do list outside of work a girl had to do what a girl had to do! Needless to say the list was complete around 10pm! Amazing what an extra hour will do for a woman!

Another awesome event was the successful birthday party thrown for this little cutie, Addison. Madison had a blast spending the day with this little princess and the weather turned out to be perfect!

Speaking of perfect weather, this happened!
Flip Flops!


What a beautiful weekend! In the high 60's! What an uplifting and delightful blessing!

The bad of the weekend was spending my time at Wal-Mart. We all know how I feel about this place. Besides the overwhelming experience of unique individuals we have this problem:
Needless to say I spent 30-45 minutes shopping and about the same amount of time in line. Did someone say there are no jobs available? I'm pretty sure they could hire 25 additional people to work the registers!
Last but not least the ugly was my daily intake of sweets at the princess party! I may or may have not gained an extra five pounds. My guilty pleasure has always and will always be desserts! Who could pass on delicious cake balls and chocolate covered strawberries? Thanks to the BF for the yummy snacks! I drove home from the party in a food coma!

That wraps up my weekend shenanigans!
 How was your weekend?
Any guilty pleasures or awesome things you want to share?
I would love to hear from you!
 Happy Monday!

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  1. Your weekend sounds super fun - except for the whole WalMart thing. It's always so busy! And slow! I always end up picking the slowest register! :)

    Happy Monday!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend... Isn't it amazing what an extra hour can do?

  3. Yay for fun weekends, sunny days and leaving work early!!! Happy Monday :)

  4. I just love when you get to leave work early! :) And I agree, Wal-Mart is the worst. I refuse to go. Not only is the store miserable, so is the parking lot. :(

  5. I agree on Walmart! I hate going there so much.. and an hour early on Friday is the best :)

  6. That princess party sounds like a blast!! And with weather in the 60's, who can complain? :)

    Happy Monday!

  7. I can't believe how Pinteresty that all looks! I mean, I always assumed Pinterest pictures couldn't be replicated by mere mortals...but look at what you did!! My daughter would kill for that party! (found you just stumbling around, glad I did.)


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