Monday, April 22, 2013

Shopping, Sweets and Strawberry Shortcake

Ah, Monday is back already! Fortunately this weekend seemed to last awhile and I managed to be very productive! My many spurts of energy came in handy! I seemed to accomplish many great things making it very easy to share the good of my weekend and a little harder to find any bad!

The Good...

1. Retail Therapy! Buy one get one free on most items at Old Navy! Or $5 tank tops! Or 2 for 5 flip flops! I managed to fill a very large bag with shoes and clothes for Madison and I for $55! If you spent $75 then they also took $20 off your grand total! This deal goes until Wednesday, better go hit the racks now! With our other exciting encounters like finding Madison's future rocker while she rocked out and riding the rides at the mall, the weekend turned out to be lots of fun!


2. My preparation for Madison's party is about 98% complete! I am putting the debit card away with the exception of spray paint for a DIY project (details coming soon), the cake, piƱata candy and a few last minute items like forks, spoons, drinks and cups! Other than that the strawberry shortcake party will be a hit! As long as mother nature cooperates! Crossing our fingers and toes!

3. Our run to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks was once again a success! Fresh donuts, a grande white chocolate mocha and a hot chocolate was exactly what we needed on our Sunday morning.

4. Seeing my sister's trial hair and her wedding dress fitting was a moment. I never dreamed I would be standing in front of my little sister two months before her wedding watching her prepare for her big day. What an exciting time!

The Bad...

1. I may have eaten one too many of those donuts and given myself a belly ache. They are just so darn good and hard to resist!

2. The debit card is officially on fire. I must leave it at home for the rest of the week or I'm in trouble. I need to start telling myself "No, you do not NEED that. You WANT that. BIG difference."
The Ugly...

1. The GREAT moment that happened but proves to myself that my little girl is no longer my little girl and breaks my heart knowing she is growing up so fast is seeing her write her name for the very first time! I don't know how moms do it, just watch their little boys and girls grow up and not fall apart. I might need therapy with this one. Each day that I see her getting bigger and bigger and growing up I become even more sad. I'm an emotional person and I may have shed a lot of tears over this already. I think I will have her sign a contract now that says she must live with mom and dad for the rest of her life? No? Darn it! :) A mom can only wish!

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Happy Monday!
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  1. Oh LORD I want a donut now. PS - your daughter is so full of spunk. Love her faces!

  2. I seriously need to jump on the no shopping band wagon. I have been so bad lately I swear I spent my whole check at MAC this weekend getting things for a fashion show I booked.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend - those donuts look amazing. I'd say a really good donut is the thing I miss most about not eating gluten. Yum.

  4. What a fun weekend! Donuts look amazing


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