Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cheers! Time For A Happy Dance!

First thing is first, I am guest posting over at Kaitlyn's little neck of the woods at Wifessionals! I would love for you to go over and meet Kaitlyn! She is a mommy to be, a beautiful girl inside and out and will help you with anything and I mean anything. She is a generous well rounded person and you can't help but fall in love with her and her writing! I am so grateful to have found someone like her in this huge blogosphere! Also, if you want to check out a yummy recipe for Strawberry Pretzel Bars that only take a few minutes to whip up, go now because I am sharing all of my secrets!

It’s that time again for Thirsty Thursday!


Wait I mean is It’s Ok Thursday!
Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK that by Thursday I am wishing it was Happy Hour every hour of every day!

IT'S OK that I am also wanting sex on the beach!

The drink people! GEESH! Where are your minds at!


Okay enough of the daydreaming let’s get down to business and then if you make it to the end let’s clink glasses and do our little happy dance 

It's ok...

I kind of miss posting statuses, checking in and snooping around on Facebook.

Work has been dreadfully slow and I find myself staring off into space throughout the day.


I haven't went to Wally World for groceries and instead have eaten fast food every night.

I am in desperate need of a girls night out, fruity cocktails and lots of laughter.

Madison made her first purchase at a store with her own money and I may or may not of shed a tear.

Both mine and Madison's birthday is this month and I am having anxiety attacks about both of us getting older.

I am craving Froyo like it's nobody's business.

My tummy does back flips every time I receive a comment in my inbox or a new friend pops up around this little part of the Internet.

I have unread blog posts from last week that I haven’t gotten to but can’t wait to do so.

I want to hear more about Blissdom but with all of the rumors and comments being made I am not sure if I want to.

I wish I had a bloggy friend to go to the Influence conference with me. Being alone in a place like that gives me goosebumps. Talk about terrified.

I have one month left until vacation and I haven’t bought a thing to wear!


I am obsessed with The Client List and cannot wait for Sunday nights!

It's OK that I am finished with this post and hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to visit my buddy Kaitlyn and check out my guest post!

**It's also ok that I may or may have not been highly medicated on cold meds while writing this post :) Happy Thursday!


  1. Yay, thirsty Thursday! Isn't the client list like the best show? I am a massage therapist and I remember when the show first aired all my coworkers and some people I went to school with we're frustrated. But honestly, that stuff does happen in real life!

  2. I love that happy dancing graphic! It made my life! :)

  3. My next vacation is in July and I'm trying hard not to buy things until at least June just because. But man its hard!

    Stopping by from Its OK Thursday!

  4. I found you over at wifessionals!! I am going to have to try those strawberry pretzel bars they look so good!!!!! those drinks you posted for thirsty thursday made me miss the beach instantly lol!


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