Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Begins Within

In the last year or so I have come to realize that happiness begins within. No one can make you feel the joy and love that life has to offer. Life is what you make it. You either wake up in the morning and live with the cards you were dealt and maneuver them in a way that fits you or you shuffle the deck and take another approach. Either way, it is up to you to figure out what you love and what fulfills your heart and soul.

So since we are looking for the positivity in all situations and finding the loves within our lives why not link up with Jamie to share "What I'm Loving Wednesday".

I'm loving...Pedicures with the bestie! Seriously there is nothing better than a date with the bff, having our feet and legs soaked and rubbed and topping it off with a cute pedi on our toes. Hellloooo spring and summer!
I'm loving...Panera Bread! A location near me just opened a drive thru. I might just be there everyday. There is something about broccoli cheese soup, a greek salad and sweet tea with lemon! SCORE!

I'm loving...The love and gratitude expressed for the victims of 4/15/13. This will again be a day we will never forget. We must keep our heads high and spirits higher.
I'm loving...Twitter.

Yes I never thought I would say this but I am starting to like it. I didn't use it before this blog but I am now. For the most part, it seems rather upbeat and positive. I haven't been under a rock. I've heard the negativity also but I tend to stay away from the scene and avoid the drama. What do you like best about Twitter? Speaking of Twitter have you read Whitney's post regarding the spectators of Twitter drama? OMG I died laughing. She's a genius!
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I'm loving...The upcoming birthday celebrations and vacation coming up! Who knew mine and Madison's birthday would end up being five days apart? I say next year we go to Disney World!

Now for my Pinterest loves!

What's not to love on this fine Wednesday?
What are you loving?

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  1. I'm loving twitter lately too, it's been fun! I need a pedicure so bad, I just need to suck it up and go already!


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