Thursday, April 11, 2013

1 Friend, 1 Network

Today I am guest posting over at Peace It All Together for Sybil.
I met Sybil through the brilliant project, Bigs and Littles.

When I first saw the post go up regarding this little network I felt that right away I needed to be a part of it. I needed to learn more, grow more and wanted to make new friends. Having a "big" show me the ropes, teach me new things and become an inspiration in my life was just what I needed at that point in time. Throughout this time I have been opened to new friends and new ideas. Just reading Sybil's posts have inspired me to do big and better things with my blog and life.
If you are in need of help with your blog, want to make a new friend or new inspiration and you are a "little" go sign up now! It will change your life.
If you are a "big" just know that someone out there needs your help, time and friendship.
This program is so wonderful because it focuses on the positivity in the blogosphere and brings us women together!
I appreciate the bloggers above who started this network, it truly is an awesome concept!

If you want to sign up or hear more about the program
click here
and join in at the next available sign up session!
Now a little more about Sybil and I. I think we connected instantly. We both have very busy lives and know what it's like finding balance between blogging,  mommyhood and the daily demands of life.
As you already know she is the sweetest and kindest person and reading her posts bring joy to our days. If you haven't started reading her posts and getting to know her I suggest you do so now! Having someone who you can email at any given time to ask questions or bounce ideas off of is great! Sometimes it can be intimidating approaching a fellow blogger for help or maybe you just want to be friends with them based on common interests. I am so grateful to have met Sybil and the bloggers who started this wonderful network. Positivity is key. We must remain focused on that!

Please do yourself a favor and go say hello to Sybil, it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

 Happy Thursday!
Happy Blogging!


  1. I just signed up for the Bigs & Littles blogging network for the first time last week and can't wait for it to get started! That is so cool you got paired up with someone that you really connected with. I hope I do - I'm really looking forward to great tips, advice, and a new friendship. I will definitely go check out your guest post at her blog and am now following yours :)

    xo samantha


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