Thursday, February 20, 2014

Would You Like You, If You Met You??

The pace of today's society is busy. So busy, that our blood pressure is testing at an all time high, tasks are being left undone and fewer hours are spent resting.
All of this running around seems to be affecting the way we perform at work, home, in social environments and in our personal lives.

Here lately, I've really been doing a lot of observing. I haven't figured out what has caused this but in the midst of it all I begin to wonder if anyone else is paying attention.
I will start by saying that my biggest crutch is my cell phone. I find myself holding face to face conversations while staring at the bright screen on my cell. I mean I call it multitasking when in all reality it's rude. I'm basically letting that person know my phone and whoever it is I'm talking to is more important. That's not really fair, is it?

While walking out of Madison's school yesterday morning the person in front of me swung open the door to exit the building and never looked behind them to see if anyone was there. I really thought this was just common courtesy? What if the next person had a handful and needed help with the door? Or was handicapped? Or above all was right behind you and you ended up slamming the door in their face. I've never opened a door and not looked behind me, I guess it's a gesture I was taught growing up and will never forget. Thank you mom for instilling values within me.

While driving, I've also noticed how hard it is for some people to let a person out of a side street onto a main road while sitting in traffic. How about a person trying to switch lanes, forget about it. Are we all in that big of a hurry we can't help another person out and let them cut in line?

It comes down to common courtesy. How would you want someone to treat you? Can you make time for others? Put the multitasking on hold and enjoy the ones around you?
We teach our little ones manners and we preach to them right from wrong but if we aren't leading by example then what is the point.

A kind gesture and positive attitude can move mountains. Let me leave you with this one question....


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  1. I love this! I think a little courtesy goes a long way. I always make sure to let someone out of the side street. I think it's just the nice thing to do. And I'm always so grateful when people do it for me. :)


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