Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keep Loving And Never Stop

You might think life is going by fast but the moment you bring a little one into the world the time goes by at lightening speed. I still can't believe this will be our fifth Valentine's Day spent spoiling our love bug.

I'm just so grateful knowing I get to spend every day enjoying the little things. What are those little things you might wonder....

Snuggle Time: Whether it's cuddling up under a blanket watching cartoons, spending Saturday morning in my bed talking about our fun weekend ahead or enjoying a movie at the theatre with Madison in my lap it makes me smile.

Smooches and Hugs: I call them smooches because that's what Madison refers to them as. She grabs the sides of my face touches her nose to mine and gives me eskimo kisses and squeezes me tight.

Outbursts Of Giggles: We have this ongoing joke that all the ladies in our family share the same laugh or what we like to call the giggle and long pause as we gasp for air. Madison has inherited this laugh and it's the cutest thing. She and I lately have been driving down the road, stopping at a stop light, looking at the driver next to us and saying "Good Day" in our most ridiculous British accent. It's hilarious because they never seem to look our way but her and I crack up for five minutes straight.

Night Night Time: After I put Madison to bed I always peek in on her to make sure she's tucked in tight and sound asleep. I love sitting on the side of her bed and watching her sleep. Everything about her is so perfect to me. She truly is a blessing and miracle.

Whether you are single, in a relationship, have a child or children or even none at all focus on what makes you happy. What makes you smile? What makes you giggle inside? Love yourself, love the people who surround you and spoil yourself and them with gratitude, love and respect.

Love is what makes the world go round!

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