Monday, February 17, 2014

Family, Friends and Fondue

Planning events has always been a no brainer for me. I love to decorate, plan unique games and make sure everyone or that person experiences a day to remember. It truly is all about the small details. When Valentine's Day started to roll around I had the perfect plan in mind.

My bestie is currently preggo with her first child and her birthday is this week so I decided to include her and her husband in on the festivities. The more the merrier right?!?!

I decided on a three course menu and my oh my it was the best ever! Who doesn't love cheese, marinated meat and dessert? Although it is not the healthiest of menus I just wanted everyone's taste buds to be satisfied and I can proudly say this occasion was a hit!

The best part about fondue is the quality time spent together while devouring a yummy meal. It is a slow process but well worth the wait. Each course is mouth watering and of course the chocolate covered fruit and marshmallows is saved for last because it truly is the best part.

How was your Valentine's Day weekend? Have you ever had a fondue experience?

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