Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stop. I Am The Camel

At some point in your life I am sure you will be able to relate to this post. If not, lucky you and please tell me what you did to avoid all of these feelings.

You hear the alarm go off, you may or may not hit the snooze button for an hour, like I usually do.
Deciding that if you don't get your overworked, tired and exhausted body out of bed you will dreadfully be stuck in traffic, running late to work or dropping the kids off 2 seconds before breakfast begins causing stress and anxiety for them also.

And so your day begins.

The normal morning routine is a blur as you think about all that has to be done on this very day, week or month. Your mind running wild.

You gather the kids, pets, hubs or yourself and charge out the door ready to tackle the day.
Driving to your destination you begin the self pep talk. "I can do this. This is why I do what I do. Look at how many people are counting on you. This will change your future forever. The money is paying off debt or contributing to a future goal. You love what you do. The kid(s) will be ok. They are being taken care of. He loves you. She loves you. They all miss you too. It all happens this way for a reason." And so on and so on.

Arriving at the work place ready to give it your all, you step foot in the office ready to show off your skills, help others and make the best out of the remaining work day. Then it begins. The chaos, the high expectations, the mistakes that are made, the phone calls, the emails, the customers, the boss, your surrounding peers who aren't in the same mind frame as you. Then what happens? Your mood is ruined. It's hard to keep that smile on your face. It's hard to not get discouraged. You have failed your mind and heart. You let everyone and everything get to you. You take a lunch hoping the rest of the day goes a little better but it doesn't. More stress, more anxiety and more feelings hurt.

What once felt like a day that could be great has been diminished by negativity.

Isn't it hard to make the most out of something when it feels like the atmosphere is resisting positivity?

Swinging the door open and rushing out the door at the end of the day, you breathe a sigh of relief. You have accomplished another day. You pat yourself on the back. You  made it. You did the best you could with what you were given. You have the rest of the night to enter that bubble back into simplicity, happiness and thoughts that you enjoy.

At night I might feel a little overwhelmed with dinner plans, tending to my four year old, catching up with texts and emails and the blog but at the end of the day its about taking a moment for ourselves. Time to breathe. Time to rest. Time to enjoy the little things that make us smile.

Here is to making the most out of what we are given and being grateful that we get to experience the daily challenges of life. Some people are taken off this earth entirely too early, are here for just a few minutes or are faced with challenges that prevent them from living their life. Instead of focusing on the negativity I am challenging myself to look past what is in front of me and try to see why I may or may not be going through that particular scenario.

Cheers to a happier way of living, a better me and a positive outlook on life.

And for a little more understanding into this post, I am the camel, I am surrounded by seriousness and I really have the need to just let my inner self out!

What day is it? Hump Day! WHOO WHOO!!


  1. Oh my!! Girl, we live the same life. :) I have a job like that currently. Need a change soon. My evening and weekends of running and Mary Kay help but then that dreaded alarm goes off again each morning and I am reminded where I am going that day.

  2. I loved this post! I think to often I left myself get brought down by the stress and negativity of the day. I need to take a step back and remind myself that things aren't as bad as I make them seem. There are people out there worse off then I am and I should be grateful for what I have. Lately I've been trying to find something, big or small, every day that makes me smile and that I am thankful for. Little blessings are everywhere.


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