Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hashtag Genius

Over 200 million users worldwide use Twitter every day but there are those who sign up and are completely lost.
I mean we have all been there.
The abbreviations, the ridiculous lingo, the links and this weird little number sign also known as a hashtag, sayyyyy whatttttt?
Leaving everyone at some point scratching their heads wondering what the heck all of it is for and how it serves a purpose.
I myself have found that if you want anyone to know anything post it on Twitter. It's a social media site for gossip, news and whole lot more!
The more #hashtags the more people your tweet could potentially reach.

For those of you who are still confused let me break it down for you short version style.....

Get it? Ok moving on...

So the talented Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon put on a skit Tuesday night basically making fun of those #hashtag abusers. You know who you are. I found the act to be very humorous and true. There are those people so involved with social media that they start speaking in #hashtag form and never stop. The ones who post a picture and fifty #hashtags later click the post button.

If you are one of those people, more power to ya but I personally do not have the time or patience to plug in 25 #hashtags to every photo, post or tweet. It's not the way I get down.
I use Twitter to get my little ol' blog out into the blogosphere, to gain more exposure to my blog and to meet new friends. I do not abuse the #hashtag system and very rarely will I ever post more than five if that.

Above all else, some Twitter users forget that if their account is not set to public that their #hashtags #justbecameuseless and they are now a Twitter #hashtagabuser for #noreason

Take it away boys!

#happyfridayeve :)

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  1. saw this video yesterday and I was just dying. It's so true. Only hashtag when needed!! People over do it.


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