Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ipsy Classic Beauty: September

Although the Ipsy Facebook page provides spoilers each month on the products they will be including in their glam bag I choose to surprise myself each month and wait to see what I am receiving. I love the feeling that I am receiving a present each month!

So this month I received a bag full of goodies and as usual Ipsy didn't disappoint! With a bag full of 6 items I absolutely love and 1 item I do not, I can say it is totally worth the $10 monthly subscription!

Now for the unveiling!

First we have this adorable bag! Ipsy never gives us the value of these little bags but I know that each month they get more and more cute! I am a bag hoarder so this subscription feeds my addiction!

The first thing I saw when I opened up my bag were these three Freeman facial masks valued at $6 total! Anyone who knows Madison and I, know that we love our facials! This couldn't be more fitting for our typical spa nights! There is a brightening, hydrating and purifying one! I am saving each one of these for the next three weekends! I use these facial masks regularly and they are amazing! They smell great and leave your skin silky smooth and clean!

"Yay!" I said to myself when I saw the full sized NYX Cosmetics eye shadow valued at $4.50! I use this color a lot from my Victoria's Secret palette so I was excited to find this color in another product line. I received the shade Cryptonite which is a dark glittery charcoal gray. It is very pigmented but a little less on the glittery side. Still a favorite shade of mine though!

Next I received a matte black eyeliner pencil by Starlooks valued at $12 in the color Obsidian. It is nicely pigmented but not as creamy as the pencils I am use to. For an eyeliner it does work well and I will be using all of it!

The one product that I don't like, J Cat Beauty's lipstick in Honeycrisp valued at $2.49. I know it is getting ready to be fall season but come on man! This shade blends into my blonde hair and fair skin making me look washed out and gross. No thanks.

Someone must have sound the alarm when I said I wanted to try new mascaras. In almost every Birchbox or Ipsy bag I have received a mascara. As usual, this tube by Elizabeth Mott valued at $19.99 came in a smaller size. The brush is small also. The mascara does work better than I thought it would and you can throw the compact sized tube in your purse!

If you aren't already a subscriber to Ipsy I highly recommend it. $10 a month and you receive all of these great products. There hasn't been one month that I haven't loved almost every product sent to me.
Are you an Ipsy subscriber?


  1. That lipstick looks like concealer. LOL. I wouldn't even wear that color and I have brown hair. I love that y'all have facial nights. I need a little girl.

  2. Yeah I agree with the Lipstick color... Not sure about it. But LOVE everything else

  3. I got the masks as well and I am excited to spend a night in and give them a try!!


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