Friday, September 27, 2013

Great News!

We are back to the most wonderful day of the week, Friday!
It feels like all is right in my universe right now!
I found out some exciting news this week that had me feeling a little like this!

Among a few other things my mood has been less stressed and happier.
I have tried to focus on the positives around me instead of the negative.
I constantly hear all of the complaining around me, do I sometimes experience the same feeling? Yes. But life is how we manage the obstacles put in front of us.
There are so many people out in the world who have it a lot worse than I do so I am choosing to not take life for granted. Life is too short!

So I am linking up with Lauren for High Five For Friday to continue celebrating the positives that happened this week!

1. One night this week I managed to cook a meal at home, tacos! I love Mexican night! I could eat tacos daily! It always feels nice to make a good home cooked meal.

2. My mom and I went out last night for a girls night out and we are now planning a trip to Mall of America! Any suggestions on where to eat, what to do or anything in the surrounding area? I hope to find a great hotel deal and have lots of fun! I can't wait!

3. On our girls night out we ate dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. I absolutely love the warm buttered rolls and the steak and mashed potatoes! Yummo!

4. What wonderful news was announced when my bloggy friend posted that little miss Rylnn was born this week! I have followed the bump dates and all of the wonderful updates following Kaitlyn's pregnancy and I prayed that everything would go wonderful for her. It sounds like it did! Rylnn is the cutest baby and I am truly happy that Ryan and Kaitlyn now get to enjoy a little bundle of joy!

5. Finally, the weekend has come for the opening day of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2! Madison and I have been reciting the lines from the trailer for the last month! I predict it to be a whole lot better than the first movie! Plus, who doesn't love theatre buttered popcorn?!?!

It has been a week of blessings, good news and positivity and I am hoping it continues!
Now that my favorite season has began I plan to start my interior and exterior decorating!
I plan for my house to smell of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Apple Spice!

Let the fabulous festivities begin!!


  1. I am planning on taking Wyatt to see that movie tomorrow.

  2. Visiting from High Five for Friday - Mall of America is a blast! I went with my family in high school so I can't offer any advice from the planning aspect but it's a great little weekend trip (especially in the winter!)


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