Friday, September 13, 2013

Hello Weekend

Hellooooo Friday!
Can you hear the excitement in my voice?
I am ecstatic that this day has finally arrived.
I have been battling a cold this week so with lots of early bedtimes, rest and prayer I am feeling a little better this morning!
This week has been a uneventful but I am ok with that.
After the two trips to Ikea, all of the house cleaning and building I needed five days of not much to do.

So within those five days here are the exciting things that happened!

1. I am grateful that this weekend I have no major plans! A couple of nights might be spent with friends but I do not plan to party it up. I think a good glass of wine and some girl talk is about all I need!

2. I couldn't resist pulling out the new Ikea dishes and cups to use for dinner this week. I swung by Kroger picked up a seven course meal and spent the night filling my tummy with everything that is awesome! It's the little things like square plates that make your heart happy. (Something I have wanted for a long time)

3. With Madison's new bed built, she has stayed in her bed every night for the past week! She was coming into our bedroom multiple times a night waking me up and wanting to sleep with me. Had I known she was uncomfortable in her toddler bed I would have bought a new one sooner! I am loving that she is loving her new room!

4. My Birchbox arrived yesterday and it is filled with some pretty awesome products! Review to come Tuesday!

5. On my way home last night I couldn't help but admire the sunset. Sometimes we live each day and don't stop to enjoy the small things in life that are so beautiful. It brought a smile to my face knowing that I get to experience a life full of love and happiness.

So that is my weekly wrap up! Unlike the last two weeks I plan to not forget to link up! I laugh when I am sitting at work at ten and realize I never took a little visit over to Lauren's page and link up! Dee dee dee!

Have a wonderful weekend and to those of you who read and comment on this little blog of mine, it makes my day!


  1. I am so glad it's Friday. My week started off with jury duty and I hope that I can get some junk cleaned out of closets this weekend. It all depends on how much my little tornado wants to help. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Glad you are feeling better! I love getting to use new things- plates, pillows, whatever.

  3. I have been thinking about getting the birch box!
    Come link up with us!

  4. adorable blog!


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