Monday, September 23, 2013

Reliving The Moments

As I was growing up I was the person who said I would never ever have kids. I think we all say that at some point in our lives but then you grow up and become a different person. You start to realize what is important for you and where you are going in life. For me that was having a child.

One day I woke up and thought I really want to have a baby. I want to nurture, teach and love a child of my own.

Four and a half years ago my world changed. I became a mom and every day since I have spent sharing all of the wonderful memories I had growing up. Showing her the fun things in life.

Some could say she is spoiled and that she has experienced more in her four years of life than anyone has in a lifetime. I have chosen to spend every day living life to the fullest. My world that use to revolve around myself now revolves around her. Her happiness is my happiness. I couldn't love a human being more than I love her. She has my heart forever.

We were a little bummed to find out that the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 movie we have been waiting for all summer doesn't come out until next weekend. So like almost every other weekend I took Madison on a few other adventures.

We enjoyed a nice dinner at On The Border with my mother and I am now in love with their Citrus Margaritas. I am definitely on the hunt for that drink recipe! I even managed to color coordinate my mani to my drink! We also did a little shopping for a secret mission item that will be revealed at a later time :) Shhhh...don't tell!

Madison and I spent the entire day out shopping but first had to get our sugar fix with Dunkin Donuts! Good thing sweaters and loose long sleeve shirts are in my future! Those small bites of deliciousness really pack on the calories!
Our daily weekend visit to Target ended in the result of us owning yet another furry creature, Spazzy. Which has now been named Tinker Bell. I am sure it will change again soon.
I spent about an hour reading my new book of the "Beautiful" Series. I think there are five books total and so far I am in love with them all!

Since the hubs worked the entire weekend, Madison slept in my bed. We snuggled and watched Sunday morning cartoons until around lunch time and then decided that the weather was too nice to spend the day inside. We took a little trip to our favorite apple orchard, Apple Works where we had a ton of fun! The drive was beautiful, the animals were fun to see and the apple cider slushies were Amaaazzzinnnggg as usual!

So as you can see we had a very busy but wonderful weekend! In all I might have skipped my daily household chores or have one too many shows building up on my DVR but that can all wait. This is the moment and we have to enjoy each and every second of it. Kids grow up fast, life flies by in an instant and loved ones come and go. You only live once is a very true statement! Never take a single moment for granted. Don't listen to anyone who judges you. Listen to your heart, think with your head and do what makes you happy.

Happy Monday! Instead of complaining, focus on what you do have, who loves you and what you can do to make a difference. Life is too short for stress and negativity!

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