Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An IKEA Virgin

Due to my little shopping extravaganza that took place Saturday and Sunday, the clean up and the amount of work it all took I was unable to find the time to right a post yesterday. Sorry guys, mama was tired!
So today I bring you exciting news and details!
My first ever experience at IKEA was this past weekend. I left early Saturday morning and made the hour and fifteen minute trip to the store in hopes to find a bed for Madison and possibly a shelving unit.
If you are an IKEA virgin, like I was, you will pull in the parking lot and think to yourself wow this place is huge! Half the parking lot was already filled as soon as they opened! Talk about winning the popularity contest!
This place is seriously now my favorite store of all time! They have models of the rooms to give you ideas of how to decorate each room, each piece is sits out for you to see and touch and the staff is very friendly!
IKEA sells just about everything from office furniture to kids toys! The store contains good quality and affordable items! If I could have walked around with a video camera I would have! There are so many things I have added to my wish list it's amazing!
IKEA has a self serve warehouse area that as you are walking through the store you will write down the aisle number and bin number of where each item will be located in the warehouse (if boxed). Most items are on the shelves within the store but some are too large to lug around the store.
Once you find your aisle and bin number IKEA has a picture and description of each item on the shelf itself making it easy breezy to find your items!

The boxes are all numbered and the tag on the shelf will indicate "This item includes 3 boxes" that way you know three or however many boxes is for that particular item.
Once we made our choice of bed and shelving unit I packed my car full of all of the other goodies I had purchased and headed home!
Once I returned home I started putting together the baskets that went with the shelving unit. It took me overall about fifteen minutes. The instructions were simple and I love the way they look!
On Sunday we decided to take my moms truck back to IKEA to load up the bed and shelving unit. My brother and Madison went with us so you can expect the entire ride of "Where are we going? When are we going to be there? I'm hungry! I'm tired!" It was loads of fun though!
Madison being the little helper she is pushed the cart around the entire warehouse as we loaded up the boxes!
Missing the sign twice for the "Welcome To Ohio" sign, I did manage to get the "Welcome To Indiana" sign. Better than none at all?
It was bittersweet seeing Madison's crib/toddler bed go. She may not be a baby anymore but she will always be my baby girl :)
The remodel of her room turned the entire house into a disaster, proceed with caution zone!
After a few hours we finished the shelving unit and bed!
Madison was one happy but tired little girl after a long day of work!
I even made myself forget all of my worries of a messy house and went to bed before Monday morning crept up on me like the speed of light. In all, my ladybug is happy and the house is starting to look "normal" again.
One day at a time and all will be in order!
When she put her arms around my waste, hugged me tight and told me I was the greatest mom ever and she loved her bed so much, it made every single moment of hard work totally worth it!


  1. Love Ikea too! So much fun; all of the example rooms are so cute. Those white crates look great. :)
    xoxo Aimee

  2. I love that shelving unit! I bought Wyatt's bed from Ikea also. I would like to go back and really look without him. LOL


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