Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Catch It, Pass It Around, Repeat

After watching the movies World War Z and Contagious I am now more of a germaphobe than before. I have noticed that as soon as one person catches a cold that it seems like everyone in the surrounding area has it.
In my office someone is always coming down with something. Even with the use of a lot of hand sanitizer I somehow still get whatever is being passed around
I sit here with a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose thinking to myself how I take all of the necessary precautions but still end up sick.

Madison comes home from school with an illness and bam just like that the entire house has it.
Lysol wipes are very popular around here but there is no avoiding germs.
With the beginning of fall here and the upcoming winter season ahead I can only imagine how many more times one of us will come down with something.

It seems to spread like a wild fire. Uncontrollable and fast.
As a mother this becomes very frustrating when your child comes down with a fever or sickness. I myself cannot just take a day off of work and sit at home with Madison. I must find an alternative such as a babysitter for however long she has the fever or bug.

After a couple of weeks of school, Madison came home telling me a kid in her class kept "bless-shuing" on her, also known as sneezing. I quickly become disgusted at the fact that all of those nasty germs were spreading even more quickly around her. She did tell the teacher and the kid was asked to stop but it was the point. One interaction with a sick child makes for a 100 other sick kiddos.

We try to teach our children to stay away from other sick kiddos, wash their hands frequently and to use hand sanitizer when needed but sometimes it is unavoidable. They still come home sick and pass it onto you.

It's scary to know how fast germs spread and everything that is covered in bacteria. How fast an epidemic could break out and take over.

I take my necessary precautions but as I have said I sit here with a bug, blah.

I woke up with this on my mind and wonder to myself, what could I be doing different?
How do you keep your kids from catching a bug when they are surrounded by it 24/7?
Do you have the luxury to stay at home with your child when they become ill?

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