Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hot Air Popper

Almost every night someone wants a snack before bed. I usually think to myself did I not cook enough food for dinner? But then I have to remind myself that I do the same thing. You need something to satisfy that sweet or salty craving.
I can usually be found around 9pm hovered over a big bowl of my favorite cereal, O's. Something about that cereal does wonders for my taste buds!
I took a little trip to the store this week and decided to change up the snack session routine and instead buy the materials to make popcorn at home!

For years, we have purchased the Orville microwave bags but two Christmas's ago I received a Sunbeam Hot Air Popper. The funny story behind this little device was I told my family that I had made a Christmas gift list out on Amazon and to check there for Christmas ideas for Madison. Well, my brother saw another list on there named "Wanted" and took it upon himself to buy this Hot Air Popper for me. Turns out, he had asked for the same thing and with him unaware, that list was the "Wanted" list for my entire family. He had bought me his present!

So here I am two years later finally using the machine and loving it!
Madison got a kick out of it and laughed hysterically as the machine threw popcorn into the bowl and all over the table. Even with a bowl under the shute it still managed to fly!

I also purchased some melted butter to sprinkle on top! As much as I love the movie theatre popcorn this tasted a lot less greasy and made for a great after dinner snack!

Throw the kernels in, around 4 tablespoons
Turn the machine on and let it heat up. It spins and heats up the kernels
Keep watching as the kernels blow up into big puffs of yumminess!
Round and round they go!

Voila, there you have it, tasty popcorn at its finest!!
What's your favorite go to snack?

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  1. My go-to snack is popcorn! :) I used to love popping it in our popper when I was a kid! I then switched to microwave bags because of how easy it was. These days I am back to popping fresh kernals every night on the stovetop :) My 22 month loves it too! I just add a little melted butter and salt and we are good to go!


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