Monday, September 16, 2013

Go Go Gadget or Princess?

If I had done one more thing this weekend I would have shocked myself. I say all week that I plan to sit around and relax but when 5 pm on Friday arrives I transform into go go gadget mode. I amaze myself at what energy my body possesses and all of the accomplished tasks that are completed. I was very productive and had a ton of fun in the process. There is something about cleaning my house that is therapeutic. Seeing the end result and smelling the aroma of my new sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle filling every inch of my house is amazeballs. Thank you Bath and Body Works for the AMAZING deals this weekend!
In photos, come see what filled my weekend with laughter, smiles and joy!
After scouring every inch of 5 stores we finally ended up at Wal-Mart to get Madison's new toy bin. Saving a little money and deciding against a toy chest I settled on this purple toy eater.

I also needed something to put all of Madison's shoes in! She owns almost as many as I do so we needed the extra storage! This perfect pink ottoman fit all of her shoes and was a very stylish asset to her newly decorated room!

I have been eyeballing these Rocket Dogs for weeks now and they finally went on sale plus a great deal of buy one get one half off! I'm loving that I have found my new shoes for the fall season!

We met up with some friends for dinner at Hal's Las Vegas Saturday night and had some really amazing food!  Jackpot shrimp is a must!

I took the plunge and tried out the flight of martinis! I am not a huge fan of martinis but some of these flavors I will be ordering again. I love trying new flavors and experiencing new tastes.

Most women would agree that dessert is the best part! The chocolate lava cake with ice cream is fabulous!

My best friend and I devoured the dessert and had a great time having girl talk. Even though the guys spent too much time talking politics and sports with other local people we managed to have a good time among ourselves. Her hubs makes a great photographer!

Once all of the materials were bought for Madison's room I spent yesterday morning putting her room back together. All of the toys are finally picked up, organized and cleaned.

I am so happy with the Ikea bed and shelving unit we purchased and seeing Madison model each piece makes my heart happy.

I invited my mom out to walk downtown Indy and pick up a latte at Starbucks. Madison insisted on bringing her baby doll with her but gave it to me to carry, of course. So we spent the night laughing hysterically because people around us thought it was a real baby. We even had a guy say "why are you carrying your baby like that? I thought it was a real baby!" Cause I'm one of those moms. Gessh. Come on people!

My mom generously took us on a carriage ride around town. It was Madison's first time and she really felt like a princess. I even came up with a clever Dos Equis type of quote for the night "We ride horses....but when we do we ride princess style!"

We ended the weekend with pizza and the Miss USA pagent!
Did the girl you predicted to win come in first place?
Happy Monday to all of my bloggy friends, may we endure this day with a positive and uplifting attitude!  


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love her room, it is so cute. Brooke is like a mini you no joke! Have a great day!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend!!! I have to get started organizing Wyatt's room. It is crazy.
    It is only 8:20 am and I am already hungry looking at all that yummy food.
    We watched Miss America last night also. I was rooting for Oklahoma and even Florida because of her knee brace. LOL

  3. love love love those carriage photos! such great memories!

    xo, sarah grace


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