Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pay It Forward: Very Important. Please Read.

Do you ever read something and think what can I do to help?
Something must be done, I have to take action.
Someone is in need and I have the means to help.
Well I came across this post last night as I was scrolling through my reading list and thought to myself
"I must share with the blogoshere. If I get the word out others can join in and make this families wish come true."
So here I am taking action, sharing the story and in high hopes that you will pass this information along or donate yourself.
The story starts with a beautiful family and their wish to adopt a beautiful baby girl on April 6th. From the words of a mother, Christie over at Satisfaction Through Christ, here is her remarkable story:

"Two weeks ago I was sitting on Facebook getting ready to head out the door for dinner when I received a message from a fellow adoptive Mom and bloggy friend, Dawn.
"I have a birth family that's looking for a married, Christian, inter-racial couple, with only adopted children for a baby girl due April 6." Say what! Why don't you just add, "And their names are Christie and Q!" My heart shot to my throat, my hands got shaky, and I automatically said, "No, Lord." You see, nine months ago we lost Moriah's brother to a failed adoption and we swore off ever adopting again. You see, two months ago we decided we wanted to try to grow our family again, but biologically. You see, we were waiting on fertility test results when Dawn messaged me. In other words, we weren't thinking adoption! But, you see, we serve a God that's bigger than our plans and ideas. So, my prayer was, "Lord, if you want us to do this let us submit our family profile and our un-updated home study without having to pay anything." I thought I'd added enough stipulations to it that it would be a done deal. Silly me, this is God we're talking about. The next morning we received the go ahead to send our un-updated home study and profile without having to pay anything. Ok, Lord. So, I quickly put together our family profile with a few pictures and overnighted it to Florida. We've waited for two weeks for a verdict on this. The patience the Lord has asked of me has been way out of my normal limit! :) Last Thursday we heard that the birth family had narrowed their selection from 10 families to two and we were one of the two. All weekend I've gone back and forth, "I know they chose us, I'm so excited, Lord I'm terrified, please don't ask us to do this again, another little girl!, oh the cost...."

And today we learned that we were chosen.
"Ok Lord. I'm excited, but terrified. I'm trusting you that you work all things together for good for those who love you and are called according to your purposes. Lord, I believe that you own the cattle on a thousand hills. I'm willing to step out, I'm willing to work hard, I'm willing to sacrifice, I'm willing to petition heaven and earth for the ransom for this baby girl. Lord, you.are.able. I am not."

So friends I come to you today for prayer. Would you commit to pray for us? Adoption is risky, it's hard, it's tons of work, but it's worth it! Right now we're in need of close to $12,000 in the next week or so and a total of close to $35,000 by the time she's born. We are doing everything we can to come up with as much of this as we can on our own, but I know we can't do it on our own. The Lord has asked us to "go", will you be a sender?

We've set up a chip in donation widget below. Please know that every penny of your donation will go toward bring a beautiful baby girl into a loving, Christian home. Our goal is to raise her to love the Lord with all of her heart, soul, mind, and strength...but we have to get her home first!
Our first fundraiser is already in the works! We are hoping to hold an online auction with donated items from friends (you!) and family! If you'd like to donate an item to the auction, please complete the Google Document here!

Thank you in advance, for putting action to the cause of the unborn and for supporting us as we seek to follow the Lord wherever he leads."

Operation {Adoption} 10:10:1

10 Days: $10: 1 Baby Girl

Goal = $10,000
I am passing this on to spread the word and to hopefully reach out to all that can join in to fulfill this families wish. Thank you to all who participate, whether through prayer, linking up with the post and sharing the story or donating a monetary amount.

Pay It Forward, it changes lives daily.


  1. What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing and God bless this family for opening their hearts and home to this child in need. Time to pay it forward, indeed!

    Molly from littlebittyprettylife.blogspot.com

  2. Brooke, thank you SO much for sharing our story and for encouraging others to do so, also! I'm overwhelmed at the generosity of others and the way the blogging community has offered to help us in such tangible ways!

    I can't wait to share our little girl with ALL of you!



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