Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dropping A Hint Won't Hurt...Right?!?!?

With Valentine’s Day only ten days away, I thought it was the perfect time to post my Valentine’s Day wish list.
Maybe you can add the items to your list, give me suggestions of other V-day-worthy goodies, and maybe if I'm lucky, the close people in my life will feel so inclined to check my blog for “research” and order me all a few of the following items. 
If not, I can always send you their emails and you can pass on the hint? Sound like a plan?
A girl can dream, right?
  You know you’re growing up when you want a book and clothing more than anything else on the annual day of love.

Not any particular order....

Body By Victoria-Victoria's Secret-This scent is soft and subtle and a winner in my book.

Bath and Body Works-(any scent, I am grateful for anything that comes from this store)

Sephora gift card-All beauty products in the best brands, need I say more?

A girl has to have her chocolate, Dove just happens to be my favorite. Any flavor and I will wear a smile!

Ellen DeGeneres book, I have heard rave reviews and I am eager to start reading!
Hello Merch-Green, medium, absolutely adore this. Looks so comfy. I want.

Keurig cups! You can NEVER have too many! Especially with it being absolutely frigid outside!

The Dedication Company. Etsy. Go Now. Cutest thing ever! Personalized means even more!

OPI nail polish. What girl doesn't love OPI? Or nail polish? I am obsessed. Okay my mother and sister are a little more obsessed but it crossed my path as well.

The Orchid is my favorite flower. They smell wonderful and seem to live for awhile. I wouldn't mind seeing a vase full of these in my future.

Starbucks gift card. If you haven't noticed my daily battle with spending money at the local coffee shop then you haven't been reading long enough. Carmel Brulee Latte is my weakness, if you would like to contribute to my addiction I will be happy to send you my mailing address :)
VS London Perfume-I picked this bottle up, sprayed it one time and fell in love. It has to be one of my all times faves!

Have you made a Valentine's Wish List?
Do you have a #1 item on your list you are hoping to receive?
Have you been dropping hints to your significant other?
Or have you made a shopping list for yourself and plan to drop till you drop on February 14th?
Leave a comment below and share with me your goody list and your plans for the upcoming holiday!



  1. Love them all! My favorite is that green sweater. Too cute! Now I want to go drink some coffee and each chocolate :)

    Molly from littlebittyprettylife.blogspot.com

    1. Agreed! I think if I end up with at least one of these items I will be a happy camper! We shall see! I will be writing a V-day post on the things I received so keep an eye out!
      XO Happy Tuesday!

  2. Walker gave me an orchid last year on Valentine's Day and it is still blooming regularly! Definitely drop that hint to your husband :)

  3. I want to read Seriously Kidding so bad! I love the K-Cups too. My Keurig has honestly become my best friend.


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