Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brain Dump Wednesday

Anyone who knows me has figured out that I am usually a stressed out worried mess.
I have a billion and one things on my mind and cannot keep track of them all!
Soooo when I read a couple of posts by Kate over at Classy Living about a brain dump.
I thought "genius idea"!
I always feel much better after I make a list, chart or graph of my to do items.
I like to write down subjects that are on my heart and mind as well.
So I figured, why not share my thoughts, ideas and plans with you?
*Holiday: Friday is mine and Tim's five year wedding anniversary. What does a heart attack, misplaced luggage, ten hours spent in the airport and Miami have in common? Look for that post Friday!
*Friends: I have a handful of girls who I can truly say are my real close bffs. I sometimes wonder why I never make it to anyone's profile picture or cover photo? What strikes that in a person to think as highly about you as you do them? I know this shouldn't matter but it has been on my mind.
*Blogging: Oh how I think about posts, ideas and questions 24/7. I know my lovely friend Chelsee is probably sick of my emailed list of random questions! Just knowing that I have fellow bloggers to lead me in the right direction is awesome!
*Shopping: I went shopping this past weekend and spent a little too much money. Why is it that I can't be happy for all the new bright colorful items purchased? Instead I feel a sense of guilt.
*Starbucks: I REALLY need to take a break from this little delicious coffee establishment. I go around three to four times a week, $4.65 each visit. Sometimes it is more. Especially when I decide to pick up a protein box or blueberry muffin! I could be saving so much money!

  These are the main subjects that have been on my mind lately.
What has been stressing you out?
Do you have a running list of ideas/thoughts?
Join me with your brain dump!
I would love to hear what has been going on in your little section of the world!
I am already starting to feel better, it is amazing how awesome it feels when you get the little things out and into the open!
Happy Wednesday!



  1. Haha! it! Those ecards are the best.

  2. I need a "brain dump" day so badly! I am having the same shoppers remorse/guilt after a huge day at the mall on Saturday. It's such a strange feeling to deal with, right?

  3. YOu're not the only one with a shopping addiction, nor the only one who is constantly thinking about turning anything/everything into a blog post. Haha!

    The Hartungs Blog


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