Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birchbox Review Feb 2013

It seems like I was one of the lucky ones to receive my Birchbox ahead of everyone else.
I can say that I am very pleased with this months box!
If you are new to Birchbox here are a couple of details about the subscription:

First you go to Birchbox's website and sign up for their monthly subscription, $10.
Birchbox then sends you this cute little brown box filled with the latest up and coming or well established beauty products.

Some items come full size and most are travel sized and smaller.
This gives you the opportunity to test out products you might have heard about or wanted to try without spending a ton of money on something you might end up not liking.
Sound like something you are interested in? Click here and sign up, it is totally worth it!

So let's see what I received in my little box of goodness:

1. This was the first item to excite me. BB (Beauty Balm) Cream.
Do you have a makeup bag full of creams, moisturizers, lotions, primers, serums and a variety of items that are "tinted", yea me too! This product is supposed to get rid of all of those pesky items and act as the one and only item you will need. Basically instead of slopping on 10 different items on your face, you use this and only this.
I have only used this one day so far but I can say that I did like it. It didn't leave my skin oily or greasy and it did act as a primer and moisturizer. I could see myself buying this in the future.
2. I also received a perfume sample from Juicy Couture called Couture La La. It seems like Birchbox has made it clear that there will be a perfume sample in every box sent out. I am not very fond of the scents I have received to date from Birchbox and I am not a fan of this one either. It smells more like baby powder or something of that nature rather than a good smelling perfume.
3. Oh Birchbox, they make my day when I receive a small little token of delicious goodness. This little treat from Ghirardelli made me smile. I love the smoothness and the sweet taste of the carmel. They couldn't of picked a better treat for myself, unless it was Dove or a box of Whitman's but who's keeping track?
4. As a daily user of a flat iron, I am always looking for a protectant for my poor hair. All that heat and damage to my ends starts to really show without the special tools to protect and treat the damage. I was very excited to see that Birchbox included a sample of this new and upcoming product, Beauty Protector's Protect and Detangle. It smelled tropical and left my hair feeling very soft and silky!
5. Who doesn't love nail polish! Color Club nail lacquer in Wild Cactus caught my eye as soon as I opened the box. The color is hard to make out from the picture but it is a teal/green eye popping mini bottle of cuteness! I can't wait to do a little mani using this new color!
This is the info card displaying the name, a brief description and the full retail price of the product. Very informative!

I love "mini" sized anything, I have an obsession with samples and I love beauty products as well. Every time I see my Birchbox sticking out of my mailbox I do a little happy dance. $10, it is totally worth it!
Happy Happy Tuesday!


  1. Well It seems I only got 2 out of 5 of the things you received. It looks like you received some great stuff this month!

  2. Kati received Dr. Jart BB last year in one of her Birchbox shipments... I think she's been buying it ever since! I've tried Boscia (?) BB- which I really liked but in the end became watery... Smashbox BB-not my fave... and good old Garnier BB- it's great for the price. Maybe i should just try Dr. Jart!

  3. I love the nail colour :) I really need to pick up a green one and anything Juicy is great by me!!



  4. Isn't the hair protector amazing?! I just posted my review of my February Birchbox on my blog. I received some amazing beauty products this month.

    - KW


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