Monday, February 11, 2013

GBU Monday!

Another Monday which means another GBU!
Kate at Classy Living and Kati at Incorporating Color host a good, bad, and the ugly party on Mondays to reflect on a few things that happened during our weekends.
And I love link up parties so here we go!
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Incorporating Color
The Good: I spent most of the weekend at home relaxing and eating yummy foods that well pack on calories and do not so good things to my body but hey life is short, and who doesn't like love cheese? It has been one weekend in a very long time where I hardly had any plans. It was nice to relax and get some house cleaning done, write some blog posts (yes occasionally my life is hectic and I feel this lowers my stress level during the week) and spend time catching up on shows. I also received my V-day gift swap package from Stephanie, she is pretty awesome! If you aren't following her, click here and make a new bloggy friend.  (blog post Thursday, make sure to come back and check it out)

The Bad: While I had a blast bowling for our close friends Kyle's birthday celebration and spending time with the best friend Stacy, I ended up in third place. I try to aim high with whatever I am doing and because of the carpel tunnel problems I deal with, bowling is quite a challenge. Third place out of eight isn't too bad? Right? I would at least get a bronze medal. I'll take that!

The Ugly: My lovely little almost four year old has caught a bug. Similar to what I developed this week. The chills, getting sick, fever, tummy ache the whole nine yards. She is going to her great grandmas today instead of daycare to relax and hopefully get better. Poor thing.

She did manage to gain a little energy and ask me to play Go Fish yesterday. She still beat me, as usual. She's a shark at those kiddie games!

 How was your weekend? Happy Monday!


  1. My sick kiddo and I played go fish this weekend too! :) I am so bad at bowling, so to me 3rd place would be awesome!

  2. Relaxing weekends are the BEST, but there's nothing worse than a tummy bug :( Hope your daughter feels better soon!

    Happy Monday! xo

  3. Glad you had a relaxing weekend - hope your daughter feels better soon!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend!I am a horrible bowler but I always have so much fun! Hope your little girlie is on the mend soon!


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