Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's Make The Change Today

Some days are a piece of cake. Those days, are when everything falls perfectly into place and the universe seems to be playing on your team. To do lists are completed, the family is happy and at peace with each other and the day in general ended up being a great one.

Sometimes though the cards do not fall into place that nicely. We have times where all we want to do is shout, yell, scream, cry and pull our hair out. Everyone and I mean everyone has experienced those days.

It all comes down to how we make it through. How do we cope? How do we calm ourselves down enough to focus on the positive outcome?
There are a few things that I remain focused on and it seems to help my anxiety.

1. My friends and family has been and will always be here for me. I am a picture taking freak so it is easy for my to pull out some photos and see everyone's smiling face. That in just a text, email or phone call they will help me through the day. I am not alone. It is very comforting knowing I have such a great circle around me.

2. Coffee. I mean seriously, I don't think I have went a day for the last few years without my Starbucks. I had a Keurig and loved it like it was my bff but it died on me. Long story short it chose to make a quarter cup of burnt coffee instead of the great smelling hazelnut I grew to need and love. If ever I am having a bad day I sit down, hold my cup and somehow it calms my soul with each sip.

3. I use to never read. You would laugh if you saw me holding a book. I use to pick up a book and start reading just to make myself fall asleep. Now it is an outlet. It gives me something to do to pass the time when I am stressed and takes me into another universe where I can re-direct my thoughts. If you have any book suggestions I would love to hear them!

4. The Internet can be a great tool. Most people spend hours and hours on Facebook, playing candy crush or start following the next "trend" to pass the time but I have found a ton of motivation in Pinterest. DIY projects, party planning for Madison's birthday, new recipes and great beauty ideas. I turn to Pinterest for motivation not only in creating new things but also for the quotes and phrases that can be found on there. Sometimes reading positive things over and over will re-route your mind down a more positive path instead of a negative one.

5. "Shopping is my workout". This is on a new shirt that I invested in and I am loving it. In all seriousness though if I am feeling stressed or a high level of anxiety I go into a store and window shop or even buy something. It just makes me feel better. It can be something as small as a bottle of nail polish to a new accessory or outfit.

The point in all of this is most days are hard, we run out of time, we are constantly feeling overwhelmed and it is easy to drown ourselves in negative thoughts. If we can re-channel our minds, focus on the positive things in our lives and overcome the obstacles of life than we will feel a sense of happiness and relief. So find what it is that motivates you.

Ask yourself this, "What makes you happy?", "What makes you smile?", "What decreases your stress and anxiety level?". Whatever or whoever that is, indulge your mind, heart and soul into it. Life is about living it to the fullest not being consumed with anger, stress, guilt and sadness.

Let's make the change today.


  1. I love the Humor section on pinterest when I need a quick little laugh or smile. :) What kinds of books do you like reading? I can definitely recommend some!! It's my outlet too :)

  2. Doggy cuddles and blog reading are instant happy fix for me! Or hugs from friends :) Do you have any book recommendations?

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts


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