Monday, March 10, 2014

Princess For A Day: Charity Event

Not a day goes by that I don't look at my daughter and thank God for the blessing he has given me. A healthy, beautiful and smart little girl. As I scroll through my Instagram feed I see all of the mother's-to-be, newborn babies, toddlers and older ones growing up before my eyes. The world is a beautiful place and the lives that walk among it are living miracles.

When I was given information about a local salon and photography studio participating in a charity event for Flashes Of Hope I knew I wanted to attend the event.

Princess For A Day is an annual event that is held to raise money for the Flashes Of Hope foundation. Flashes Of Hope raises funds to find a cure for children's cancer. I can't even begin to imagine having a child living with cancer or worst case scenario losing a child to cancer. Events like these inspire me to do more, live more and to stop wasting time.

Today at the charity event Madison was treated like a princess. Pampering was given by a hairstylist from Tyler Mason Salon where she received a French braid and makeup session.
She also received a manicure and had a photography session with Spotlight Photography.

Balloon entertainers, the 500 festival princesses and local vendors also made this day special for the children.

While Madison received the royal treatment and may not know the reason for this special day until years to come I know I participated in helping donate money to a great cause and hopefully some day there will be a cure for cancer. I've lost family members to cancer, had my cancer scare and experience and hear about it almost every day. One event, a few dollars or your time can mean all the difference.

If you are looking for a way to help and contribute please help Flashes Of Hope by making a donation today. Visit Flashes Of Hope for more details.

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