Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oh Me, Oh My What Did I Buy?!?!

I have a little bit of a problem.
When I am feeling down, I shop. Retail therapy, I'm all about it! 
I don't mean spend a few dollars here or there, I spend money at all of my favorite places.
Here recently, this has been occurring more and more.
This week for example:

1. Starbucks-I couldn't even tell you how many visits has occurred this week. Grande White Mocha you are my bff.
2. The Room Place-a new dining room table minus the dining room (I have an eat in kitchen). I am dreaming of the day I have an actual room dedicated to meals spent with the family.
3. Baskin Robbins, DQ, Subzero etc-ice cream, come on everyone knows ice cream heals wounds.
4. Restaurants-the list is so long I can't remember where I have been or where I plan on going. Needless to say the gym is where my butt needs to be within the next 24 hours or bye bye bikini season!
5. Build-A-Bear-also known as the crazy nut house for kids. Madison suckered me into buying another build-a-bear. Her little pout and innocent little face gets me every time.
So just to name a few I have officially broke the bank and cracked my debit card. No lie. A replacement card is coming in the mail within the next few days. I really need to hide the darn thing or I may be sorry later. 
I have no regrets in regards to my impulse buying extravaganzas but I do feel guilt for not fixing the issue that is causing all of this. I have a lot to think about and a few changes that need to occur. 

A life evaluation is in the works and I plan on making some major decisions soon. 

Until then, I will ask you this:
"How do you channel your feelings? What do you do to make your day better or to improve your mood? Have you made a life altering decision and what was the result?"

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