Thursday, March 13, 2014

Would You Kiss A Stranger?

For most people engaging in conversation with a complete stranger can be nerve wracking. Sweaty palms, a crackling voice, stuttered words and a loss of concentration may all occur when interacting with someone for the first time.

What if everything changed and the entire scene was set up for you?

First Kiss is a video project directed by Tatia Pilieva that brings twenty people together to experience a once in a lifetime moment.

Two people who have never met, talked or seen each other reacting in such an intimate and affectionate way is truly remarkable. This is a reminder that a simple kiss can be romantic, can sweep you off your feet and give you the ultimate feeling of joy, love and happiness. Human interaction is needed. Even the hug that the two men share brought a smile to my face.

I've always said it's the small things that matter. Taking it to home base isn't always what everyone needs and wants. It's the affection, attention and desire given by the other person. Knowing you are needed and wanted is what warms the heart. A single kiss, touch or smile can change everything.

Would you kiss a stranger?


  1. I saw this video yesterday. I love how people just seemed to get lost in the moment.

  2. I watched this yesterday and fell in love with it! The emotions these people display are so raw and it's amazing how intimate they are when they've just met. I would totally kiss a stranger :)

  3. I loved everything about that video. At first I was rather uncomfortable, but as I saw the attraction grow between each was mesmerizing. That connection that human can have addicting! Very, very well done video.


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