Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Currently Searching For...

With warmer temps on the horizon I have been searching for new pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe. I want to change the way I dress all together. Try something bright and colorful. I feel the best when I am wearing black, gray and white pieces but let's face it in the spring and summer time that doesn't look so appealing.

I have been scoping out Pinterest lately for ideas and I stumbled across my new found love for Dottie Couture. Other than that, the pieces are from all over the place.
Here's what I'm going for....

All items can be found here.
If you own a shop, boutique or store that sells similar items such as these please let me know! If you know where I can purchase items like these I would love to hear your suggestions!

Are you going after a new look?


  1. I LOVE all these looks!!! I need a new look as well. I love the new coral colors. I need to step out a little and try some new things.

  2. Fabulous outfits! Love the pops of color... I'm totally feeling bright statement pieces this season! Great post :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  3. Awesome outfits! Loved the color of dresses.. Great Post.

    Pulkit Chitkara
    Fashion Designer
    Visit to know more about me.

  4. Im loving all these beautiful looks! So colorful and cute ^^




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