Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Home Decor and Faux Food

Who wouldn't agree that food is wonderful. 
The way it looks, tastes and makes us feel happy inside is extroadinary.
What also makes me happy, is home decor. So what happens when you combine the two?

You get this....

Some may think it is ridiculous but I find it to be a unique and quaint way to spruce up a kitchen or dining room with faux food. I recently decided to stop in a store that has caught my eye for years and was recommended by a family member, Silk Scapes, this is where I found all of these great items. I am now obsessed with everything they have to offer.

That same family member is known for the small details used in her home. I hope to one day follow in her footsteps. She has decor from faux coke with a cherry on top to a bowl of cereal with a glass of orange juice. 

Every time I add a piece of decor to the house it makes it feel a little more like home. Organization, uniqueness and cleanliness are among the important things to me and as long as I keep these little trinkets around I feel like I am on the right track! I can't wait to add a little more splash of color and patterns to each room!

How have you added your own special touch to your home? Do you have a favorite store you shop at to pick up those unique items?

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