Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Never would have I thought in a million years that my little ladybug, princess, sassy, little chubby cheeked girl would be playing baseball.

Her first practice was last week and not to brag or anything but she WILL be giving those boys a run for their money. There is only one other girl on the team which automatically makes them stand outs.

We started out by picking up all the gear she needed. She, like any other girl HAD to have all of the pink matching accessories. I mean come on, we have to look good doing what we love right??!?!

Off to practice we went, where Madison threw balls faster than an average four year old, caught balls with her eyes closed (you can only laugh at this moment) hey least she caught it and hit the balls that were pitched to her. I was impressed by her poise and manners that she displayed.

When you talk to most parents who have experienced this moment in time they usually describe the kids as dandelion pickers and non listeners but Madison was the complete opposite.

She is 100% involved. She's ready to go to every practice. Last but not least, and I believe the cutest thing ever, she walks up to bat, smiles and says "I'm focused" then shakes her booty.

I CANNOT wait to catch that moment on camera!

Tonight continues the long season of practices and game day is a month from now. I have already taken a million and one pictures so I'm pretty sure she already feels like I am the paparazzi. Hey, what can I say, I'm a proud mama having a great time sharing all of these fun, exciting moments!

Fingers crossed for no cracked teeth, busted knees or black eyes!!

Play Ball!! Gooooo Rockhounds!!!!

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  1. She is too cute!!!! So exciting!!! I am a bad mommy and missed the deadline to sign up Wyatt. :(


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