Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Would You Do?

Just last year I found myself replacing my laptop. Granted I had owned it for a little over three years but I also had a virus protection plan which as I found out didn't help me. As of last night my newest laptop has done the same thing. I turn it on and then it says "performing automatic repair" and then goes to a black screen and does nothing else. I'm at a breaking point. I spend around $350 to $600 every time and have found no brand to be better than the next even with virus protection. With the holidays draining my savings it makes it hard to just go out and purchase and new one. Then what? Next January be in the same predicament?

I am thankful to have my Kindle HD Fire so I am able to continue my blogging but I have thousands of pictures that are now on the brink of being lost forever. I have contacted a computer repair company in hopes of restoring my laptop. Crossing fingers and toes!

So for now if my posts are a bit off or the photos are in the wrong spot I apologize and hope you hang in there with me!

If you have any suggestions or help please leave me a message!
What kind of computer or laptop do you own? Do you find yourself replacing them this fast?


  1. What kind of computer was your last one and what do you have now? And what kind of virus protection do you use? Do you run regular scans on your computer?

  2. What a bummer, I really hope the computer people will be able to help!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. To be honest, and I know my opinion isn't popular by computer people in the world, I trust Apple products. I've had my Macbook for five and a half years and it still runs fine. Yes, I'm looking for a new one at the moment, but I haven't had one SINGLE moment where I've had an issue with it.

  4. Boo! Whatever you do, don't take it to Worst Buy! The Geek Squad destroyed my laptop not once, but three times. I took it to them because I had purchased their protection plan and my screen partially went out. Instead of just replacing the screen, they reformatted my hard drive, then they installed an operating system that was incompatible with my computer, not once but twice. Finally, when they were on their last leg of trying to fix it or they give me a new laptop, they replaced the screen. It was a nightmare!


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