Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pinterest Inspired: Frozen Marbles

Over the past three days the Indy area has been hit hard with a snow storm! Despite the weather conditions we have been making the best out of our time at home! Negative 20 plus degrees, 12 inches of snow and ice covered roads will not get us down! At least that's what I keep telling myself. Being cooped up indoors for three days has made us a little stir crazy so I decided to use my friend Pinterest and boy did we score with some fun!

We decided to make frozen marbles (mega sized!)

If you too are experiencing these weather conditions I encourage you to take advantage of the fun winter activities Pinterest has to offer!

In a few easy steps we created beautiful and colorful marbles! It was great to see Madison's reaction when I cut open the balloons and showed her what we had made!

Sometimes you have to shut off the tv, phone and other devices and spend a little quality time together!

Making the best out of a terrible situation is what I like to do!

Food Coloring


1. Take a few balloons and fill them with food coloring and water. Tie them off.
(TIP: I put a little water in the balloon first, tapped in some color and then filled the balloon the rest of the way)

2. Place the balloons in the snow (this allows them from sticking to the ground or concrete)

3. Let the water freeze inside of the balloons

4. Once frozen, cut open the balloons and voila you have an awesome artistic creation!

Have you made something that was Pinterest inspired lately?


  1. Those are pretty awesome! I wish I lived somewhere that was cold enough to try that. Then again, us Texans don't do too well in cold weather. LoL

  2. Those are so cool! Definitely doing these sometime for fun!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts


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