Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kicking My Phobia To The Curb

There are a few things in my life that I've always wanted to do but have never done. I make up an excuse or psyche myself out of accomplishing my goal over silly reasons. As of Monday night, one of my goals has crept out from the shadows and saw the light.
I am now a member of Planet Fitness!

I never saw it coming but with motivation from my friends and family I figured "why not?" This all kind of goes back to my We Bought A Zoo post. I needed those twenty seconds of courage!

If the weather cooperates and all goes as planned I will be stepping into the gym for the first time in almost five years, maybe even longer.

I've already taken baby steps to improve my health. Making dinners at home, buying more fruits and veggies, drinking fewer lattes and gasp I may start adding water to my diet.

The major point in all of this is my phobia. It's more of a social thing. One on one I'm fine. Get me in a room of five or more and I freak out. This is the girl who won't walk into a gas station alone much less a gym. The thought of it gives me goosebumps. I feel like everyone will stare and judge. Something inside of me wants to scream.

Questions run through my mind as I'm sure this is common with all new gym members:
How do I or will I use the gym equipment?
How do I calm myself down to really enjoy this experience?
Are there others that feel like I do?

The list continues from there....

I'm really hoping with this recent movement in my life that this social awkwardness will fade. I'm hoping to meet new friends, gain more confidence, tone my body and take that leap of faith that I've avoided for far too long.

Are you a new gym member? Have you experienced this phobia? How did you overcome these feelings? What's the best thing you have gained from the gym experience?


  1. Congrats for joining girl!! I have never been to a planet fitness but have heard great things about it! Usually there are signs on the side of the gym equipment that will show you how to do things. I totally shared the same awkward feeling that everyone was judging me but I PROMISE they are not :) Everyone was new to a gym at some point so we have all been there! Hope you have some great workouts!

  2. You will do great!!! Does the gym offer an personal training session? I did one and had the person show me how to use different types of equipment so I didn't feel like a dope when I wanted to try them. LOL

  3. Way to go!!! I have dealt with that phobia my entire life, after years and years of dancing ballet. I had never set FOOT in a traditional gym, and by the time I got to college I was way too intimidated to actually use it. I really regret not taking advantage of those 4 years of free membership! You should either make a friend who can show you how to use the equipment or shell out the cash for a personal training session. The professionals can tell you not only how to use the machines, but also how much weight to be using, as well. That's often my biggest struggle and you definitely want to avoid injury!

  4. I joined PF at the beginning of the month. So far I love it! I used to belong to a gym back in the day and it was such a great way to get in shape and blow off some steam at the end of the work day. I already feel so much better!


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