Monday, January 20, 2014

Add It To Your Shopping Cart

Who doesn't love to shop?
My weekly shopping visits to Target are becoming excessive!
Do you walk in a store to buy a few things and end up with a cart full of unneeded but wanted items?
That would be this girl!
Over the weekend I made another trip to my favorite store and also went to Staples because the organized/ocd voice inside of me needed some things.
Here's what I added to my shopping cart and recommend that you do the same!

1. My new 2014 notebook! I for the sake of keeping track of my to do items must write them down. I also like to jot down blog subjects! Getting everything out on paper relieves my mind and lowers my stress level. Do you carry a notebook?

2. I recently bought my Kindle HD Fire and have been on the lookout for a stylus pen. I finally stumbled upon this girly pink two in one pen! It works fabulously and prevents all of those unwanted finger prints on the screen. 


3. I've noticed over the past week that my skin has been looking very dull. Also for some reason, I have dark under eye circles. So I did my research and found that Revlon's photoready foundation and powder were highly recommended. I also threw in Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles. I'm crossing my fingers for good results. Have you tried these items or recommend anything?

Along with these great items I also added to my shopping cart:

The ingredients to make this awesome recipe for Beefy Cornbread Casserole.

Last but not least my favorite item of all! This month's IWYP tee! Drop by and visit Whitney's blog to snag next month's deal! 

Have you been shopping lately?

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