Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Love Like Crazy

New relationships are always fun, exhilarating and exciting. The first touch, hug, kiss, date and secrets shared stay in your memory and heart forever-but the "honeymoon phase" does it really last forever?

With work from both individuals yes it can!

This past weekend we celebrated the hubs grandparents 50th wedding anniversary!

The first thing that came to mind while sitting around all of our family was "what does it take to maintain a healthy, happy and loving relationship for fifty years?"

Over the years I have picked up some valuable tips from his wise grandmother. She is a sweet, strong and caring woman who puts the needs of others before herself each and every time. It is no wonder that any man wouldn't fall madly in love with her. I hope that one day I am half the woman she has become.

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Even if you are in a new relationship or have been in one for quite some time I believe these tips will keep that honeymoon stage alive and love going strong!

1. Respect. Never say anything you don't mean. Treat each other with kindness. Listen to your significant other.  Respect is one of the most important things in a relationship. It should always be given and received.

2. Honesty. Always tell the truth. Never keep secrets. Even if telling the truth might not give you the response you are looking for, it will often turn out better than lying to the other person. Once trust in a relationship is broken, it takes awhile to build it back to its original state.

3. Fun. You MUST have fun together. Even if each interest is not agreed upon find something the both of you will enjoy. If you are not laughing or smiling or feeling a sense of happiness something is wrong. When all else fails you MUST enjoy the time you spend together.

4. Communication. Yes, communication is key! Every word relayed to your partner needs to be expressed in a loving, kind manner. There should be no screaming, yelling or physical violence. It is best to sit down when each person is calm, relaxed and ready to have a mature adult conversation.

5. Love. Never stop loving. Kiss. Embrace each other. Surprise each other. Show the person you are with that they are the only one you need and will ever need. Little gestures mean so much and are always appreciated. The more your love interest knows that you are thinking about them the more love and kindness you will reap in return.

A relationship is all about teamwork. Building and maintaining a relationship takes work from both parties. If you aren't getting what you deserve, tell him/her! Remember communication is key!! It's really all about working toward those golden years right?


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  1. Your husband's grandparents are adorable! And these are some great tips.


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