Monday, January 13, 2014

We Bought A Zoo

This weekend HBO was offered through U-Verse for free! This made up for the three days we were without cable last weekend due to an update error! While flipping through the list of movies I intended on recording I stumbled upon "We Bought A Zoo." This is a movie I have been wanting to watch for awhile. I find some of the best movies are the ones that are based on a true story.

I envy Matt Damon's character. Although under his circumstances he was pushed to make some pretty dramatic lifestyle changes, I too wish I could do the same! He basically packed up everything, put the kids in new schools and bought a house (a zoo). He began a new life.
I've dreamed of living in a different state, pursuing my passion of photography and culinary arts and living a happy and fulfilling life.

The movie was a tearjerker I might add. With the passing of Benjamin Mee's (Matt Damon) wife due to a terminal illness and seeing everyone affected by the tragic loss it really choked me up watching it. It makes you think about everyone in your life. How anyone and everything could be gone in a split second.

The one quote that stuck with me throughout this entire movie and still at this very moment was this:

I have never been a risk taker. I scare myself out of situations and I talk my way out of difficult circumstances. I don't want to be the woman 20 years from now regretting the path I have chosen. I want the happy, adventurous, carefree life I was meant to live. I might still be searching for the remaining pieces of the puzzle but I believe each step is one step closer to my goal.

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