Thursday, January 9, 2014

To Workout or Not Workout; That Is The Question

Approximately six years ago I added to one of my holiday wish lists that I wanted the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders boot camp workout video. Sadly, this dvd is still in the case, wrapped in plastic wrap and has never been touched. 
I religiously watch the reality series and would love to look like those women. 
They look amazing. Their perfect makeup, bouncy voluminous hair and rocking bodies make me super jealous.

 Here recently I have been thinking more and more about pulling that dvd out and going to work. My weight has fluctuated since I was a teenager. One week I will drop five pounds and then the next week I will pack on ten pounds. Although I have a small petite frame no one else seems to notice the loss or gain so I frequently hear "what fat do you need to lose, you should be eating more or if I had a body like yours I would flaunt it". I on the other hand do not feel that way at all.

I feel mushy in the center and can name a few areas that need toning. I just want to feel good about myself come this summer when I am wearing a swimsuit! Ya know?!?!

No one can tell you how to look or what to do. Although opinions matter, the way you feel about yourself is the most important. 
So, I have decided that I will dust off the dvd, wipe away the cobwebs and motivate myself to reach my goal!
I am crossing my fingers and toes that some day I will be happy with my body and that I will reflect back on this post and smile, knowing I did it!

Have you started a new workout routine?
Have you been putting this same issue off?

**Updates to come in the future**


  1. I completely understand! I get the same comments from others and my husband, but I would feel so much better if I toned up/lost a few lbs. I actually starting making some of the recipes on and am following the workouts from there as well. With a 2 year old and working full-time away from the home I don't have much time to workout. These workouts alone have helped me feel better and want to stick with it :) Good luck!

  2. I TOTALLY understand how you feel! I have a naturally petite frame so people automatically assume that I need to be eating more or focusing on gaining weight, when I don't really feel that way. I don't think I'm unhealthy, just that I could stand to tone and lose some of the extra weight gained in the tummy area. I definitely want to start working out again- pay off for the body and the mind, for sure!

  3. I am a HUGE proponent for working out! There are so many other health benefits aside from weight loss and toning!


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