Thursday, January 30, 2014

How Do Parent's Do It

Hand raised in the air, I'm a mom, yep that's me.
A full time, working mother that is and I have a dilemma.

With Madison starting kindergarten this next school year I have a few complicated scenarios to overcome.

1. She isn't within any school boundary that we wish to send her to.
2. She has no ride to and from school or a place to stay before or after school.
3. Did I mention she is already going to be five and starting kindergarten? Ugh! Where did the time go?

So I sit here thinking to myself, what do all of the other millions of working parents do? No school ends at 5:30 and begins at 7am. Thousands of children attend school and have someone to watch over them.
Thankfully we have had family step up and help out on snow days and half days throughout her preschool year but who wants the guilt of burdening family with their own issues?
I try my best to find alternatives before asking anyone for help but sometimes I feel like my hands are tied.

While the registration process for the new school year has already began I am left wondering how these problems will be solved and what decision will be made in the best interest of everyone.

Most importantly, I am concerned for the safety and well being of Madison and what kind of education she receives. On the other hand, the guilt that comes with burdening family with our numerous requests weighs heavy on my heart.

While I say a little prayer and hope that everything works out for the best I will also be a stressed out hot mess until it happens because that's just who I am.

To all the parent's out there, have you been through this?
How did you overcome it?
Are you a worried parent going through the same situation?



  1. Aw! I'm not a parent yet, but I can empathize. I used to teach pre-school, and so many kids were in our aftercare program-- so don't stress! It's fun, and the kids really enjoy it. Can't believe she's in big kid school!!!

    Diary of a Debutante

  2. I know how you feel!!! Wyatt won't start for for another year but I already think about those things. Luckily we are hoping to move to a better district. If not, we will try to take him to a different school. Luckily our daycare has before and after school care and will take and pick up the kids. I just wish I could make my Mary Kay job work so I could be there to take him and pick him up.

  3. Check out Indiana's School Choice program if you haven't already to see about switching districts or even private school. Also, is it possible to have her take a bus to daycare? Some of the kids do that at my kids' daycare. Or, in Evansville some of the elementary schools have a before and aftercare program where they can go until we can pick them up.


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