Monday, December 2, 2013

Delight In Everything

Hello December!

All year long I look forward to this month! There are so many things that I prepare for:

*The return of Madison's Elf On The Shelf, Lucy
*Complete my Christmas gift list and shopping
*Breakfast with Santa
*Polar Express (added to the to do list this year) details to come later this week!
*Make and send Christmas cards to family and friends
*Decorate the inside and outside of the house with lots of sparkling light up decor

The list goes on but you get the drift. This month absolutely sparks a fire inside of me that fulfills my happiness and joy.
The feeling of giving gifts, spreading good cheer and everything that happens within this time frame is something I live for. 
I wish it could be this time of year all year round!

Most people spent a good amount of time displaying things they were grateful leading up to Thanksgiving but with the holiday in passing I can only feel that feeling afterwards even more. I am thankful for so many things that I could fill a book with them. From friends and family to food and water there isn't anything I am not grateful for. 

Last week I decided to shut the blog down for the four days that I was off of work and focus that time on friends and family. Sometimes we become so caught up in the daily tasks of life that we miss out on what is most important. My blog and the friends that I have gained along the way mean so much to me but it is the small things in life you must make time for. 

Let me display all of the things I am thankful for and how I spent my much needed time off...

I had gotten my hair done at the beginning of the week and wasn't in love with it. Resulting in a very sad, emotional and insecure day. After a new shampoo and conditioner suggestion from a friend, styling it my way and taking this picture I finally have come around to it.

Madison's school crafts that she brings home to me and the excitement she displays when telling me all about it melts my heart.

Madison has a little buddy that she rarely gets to see. On Thanksgiving morning we attended our annual Turkey Bowl event with our closest friends and so Madison was able to spend time with this doll. They had so much fun! 

Family photo on the way to the in laws house for Thanksgiving dinner. So thankful for the patience of these individuals. I was the host of one Thanksgiving meal and until we move into a much bigger home I let anyone else who volunteers to cook this delicious meal do so. 

So many do not get the luxury to eat such delicious food. I will never ever take this for granted.

It's not a holiday weekend without some yummy drink involved, am I right? I unfortunately had a migraine the entire weekend and so it resulted in many of these. The alcohol seemed to control the pain thank goodness. 

The return of Lucy Saturday morning was an epic moment in our household. Lucy the elf has been away at the North Pole since April when she made a return visit for Madison's fourth birthday. 

 Madison's bff is back in action! I can't wait to see the look on her face when Lucy goes crazy in our home!

I had reserved tickets for our family to take a ride upon the Polar Express. This is a memory that will never be forgotten. It was a great time and I highly recommend it. More details to come!

Who doesn't love warm yummy meals? I am grateful for cheese and anything warm and gooey!

MomMeHour consisted of painting time with Madison! I drew some of the drawings and she painted them. While much of my time off consisted of Yahtzee, Go Fish and Old Maid we had a ton of fun and spent many many hours laughing! I look at her and she fills my soul with happiness!

I ended my weekend with a festive manicure and enjoyed a Starbucks latte thanks to my wonderful mother who made a home delivery! What would I do without all of the great people and things that are in my life? 

How did you spend your holiday weekend? What are you the most grateful for?


  1. Did you go to French Lick for the Polar Express? We have been talking about doing this since we moved back to Indiana. I cannot wait for your post!

  2. Oh your hair looks great, and I love the sparkly manicure!


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