Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Influenster: Braun Forehead Thermometer

As a mother there is nothing worse then having a sick child. It leaves you feeling helpless at times.

You try to do everything you can to comfort them and make them feel better. Of course you give them medicine, their favorite toy or blanket and show them compassion but when you have a baby or toddler sometimes there is something that becomes challenging.

Taking their temperature!

Thermometers have come such a long way from the old days when all we used were the mercury-in-glass thermometers. Stick it under the arm or under the tongue and take the reading, shake and repeat.

Now we are equipped with all of this wonderful technology that allows us parents a quick, non stressful and easy reading to determine if our little ones are running that dreadful fever.

As an Influenster I have had the pleasure of reviewing this awesome product! I could not be more excited! For more details comment or send me an email for more info! It's free, requires about ten minutes of your time and you receive free items like this one and so much more!

For the longest time I have used a thermometer that you stick under the arm and wait for the reading to count higher and higher until it reaches the child's temperature and beeps. This results in an impatient child, an inaccurate reading and a frustrated parent.

The Braun Forehead Thermometer offers convenience and accuracy!

You simply swipe the thermometer diagonally across the forehead and voila a reading in just seconds!
What makes this device even better is the large screen that displays green if no fever, yellow if a slight fever and red for a high temperature.

Handing the Braun Forehead Thermometer over to Madison and letting her use it on herself has also made the process "less painful".

Who doesn't love easy peasy?

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Happy Shopping :)

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  1. Many doctors and experts recommend the use of this thermometer. This device is believed to be safer than any other thermometers.



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