Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happiness, Love and Joy

Happy Christmas week! I was super dooper excited and yes I just said super dooper to see Madison's face on Christmas day. She had an awesome day thanks to Santa and all of our friends and family. 

I also looked forward to Christmas Eve as much as Christmas Day itself. Since the hubs and I have been dating/married we have met with his side of the family for their Christmas gift exchange. It went just as great as all of the others!

I absolutely adore his grandmother and hope I turn out to be like her. She is generous, patient, kind and giving. She holds this annual get together every year and sometimes if it weren’t for her we all wouldn’t get to see each other as much as we do.

All of the kiddos are spoiled with gifts, appetizers, desserts and treats are left out to fatten our bellies and I usually bring our little Lucy (the Elf On The Shelf) to keep the little ones entertained.

I love passing on traditions and I love seeing everyone smile and enjoy the time we all have together.

I am grateful that I am able to provide everyone with gifts, love and joy. I am overwhelmed with feelings this year.
I often daily reflect on the passing of my grandparents and wish they could have spent this holiday season with us. I know now and forever they will be watching from above with smiles on their faces.

I also wish all of you lovely friends a Happy Holiday week and a Happy New Year in advance! Hug the ones you love and never stop showing them how much you care. They are all we have on this crazy roller coaster called life.

More Christmas details to come!

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