Thursday, December 5, 2013

All Aboard The Polar Express

Do you remember the movie or story of the Polar Express? It is a great story filled with magic and love in the eyes of a child. If you haven’t seen the movie I highly recommend that you do. While it is geared towards children, I find myself glued to the television anytime it is on. I even purchased the book as a gift for Madison this Christmas.

As the excitement grew with every viewing of the movie I began to do a little research to see if there were any “real life” Polar Express themed events.This is when I stumbled upon the Polar Bear Express. 

Since 1995, the Polar Bear Express has taken off from the Fishers area here in Indiana chauffeuring children and adults to the “North Pole”. With only four weekends available to enjoy this fascinating event the tickets sell out pretty quickly. I got lucky and found the event before the tickets went on sale so I planned accordingly and bought them the morning they became available. We didn’t really know what to expect but had high hopes. The trip was an hour and fifteen minutes long and surprisingly went by rather fast. I guess time flies when you are having fun!

When we arrived at the museum where the train takes off we went to the will call office to pick up our tickets. This was when we were greeted by the Polar Bear himself. We got a few photos, picked up our tickets and headed for the train. 

We stood in a line according to the train cart we had reserved until the conductor yelled the famous line “All Aboard!” We boarded the train and within a few minutes were off and rolling! 

One of the hosts of the train began the trip with an interactive story about how the Polar Bear Express was named. We all yelled out sound effects as he told the story. It was fun for the kiddos to act like polar bears.

Next the “elves” or helpers passed out cookies and hot chocolate to everyone. I was really surprised because by the itinerary it sounded like only the kids would be receiving the treats. Anyone who knows me knows I love sweets!

The movement of the train caused some fuzzy pictures, blah
Then Mrs. Claus arrived to greet all of the passengers. Accompanying her was the conductor who sat at each end of the train cart with his guitar and sang Christmas carols. Letting the kids pick out the songs and then letting them sing along. It was great to see all of their smiling faces.

At last we reached the “North Pole”. A little house decorated with Christmas lights and surrounded by outdoor Christmas displays. 

A few moments later the big guy himself, Santa hopped on board. Madison was ecstatic and Lucy seemed to be thinking "OMG HE IS HERE!" . The look on Madison's face and the excitement was priceless. 

Santa passed out miniature stuffed polar bears and took a few pictures with each child. He patted Madison on the head and said “I love you, you are such a sweet girl.” The rest of the night she ran around saying “You know mom, I’m a sweet girl.” I laughed so hard every time I heard her say this.

He made his rounds to each child and then said his goodbyes. We spent the rest of the trip waving at the waiting cars at each railroad crossing and snapping shots of the lit displays along the way. We were stuffed from all of the goodies and ready for some shut eye!

I absolutely love Christmas and all the wonderful events that we take part of during this time of the year. I am forever grateful that I am able to provide Madison with such great experiences!

Have you booked your reservation to the Polar Express in your area?


  1. Madison is so lucky to have you as her mom. You do a great job creating awesome memories that she will have for life and I am sure that she will pass these on to her children:)

  2. Madison is so lucky to have you as her mom. You do a great job creating awesome memories that she will have for life and I am sure that she will pass these on to her children:)

  3. How stinking cool is this?! Looks like y'all had an absolute blast! Is it wrong that I'm 25 and I want to ride the Polar Express?

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